Are you a firm strapped with a deadline approaching?
Or you have menial tasks taking up your team's time?

Are you a start-up with obscure bugs keeping your site from launch?
And your previous web-guy burned you?

Need a problem solver you can turn to when it seems something just can't be done?

pbpSolutions is an On-Call service based in Southern California that offers something hard to find these days: Honest and sincere web development packed with reason and rationale for clients who need results and no fluff. Now.

here's what i am

Always available personally during typical business hours by email or phone.
~ Quick updates, bugs, emergencies, you name it. At my place or yours. ~
Always looking out for your best interest.
Always able to figure out a solution to your problem.
Always honest about not being capable of completing a task in time BEFORE I accept the job.

what i'm not

A firm
An off-shore outsourcer
An up-seller
A 'Hot-Shot Maverick Guru' with an attitude who will disappear after receiving my first paycheck only to move on to another 'client' and repeat the process.

one more 'what i am'

The guy who picks up the pieces for you after that 'Hot-Shot Maverick Guru' leaves. How?

how i work